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Coffee Cleaning Process at Barra Estate

Tiago Gonçalves, eldest son of José Edivaldo, shows in a video how they do the first steps of their specialty coffee cleaning process.

First steps in the farm

After the drying process and a necessary rest time, our coffees go to the first steps of the cleaning process, still on the farm.

In this video we have a short example of the procedure with a natural dried coffee at our partners from Barra Estate.

They remove the cherry skins and all the gross and medium defects, in a procedure that lasts about 5 hours per lot.

Next steps

In order to complete the entire process before being sent to our customers, the coffees go next to a partner warehouse where the smaller beans and other remaining defects will be removed.

These specialty green coffees will then be ready to go to our clients worldwide.


Learn more

Check out more information, pictures and videos about drying and cleaning process in our partner producers in these process highlights on Instagram.


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