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Volcano Coffee Quality Control: one of the 1st Q Grader in the world

Since 2016, the quality control of the high-quality specialty coffees offered by Volcano has Valdeci Miguel Rodrigues as a key part.

Valdeci was one of the first Q Graders in Brazil and in the world, with a certificate issued by the SCAA in 2005, when the title was still Cupping Judge.

Last month, Valdeci completed his 7th calibration for Q Grader by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). As a professional taster, our specialist raised in the Volcanic Region of Poços de Caldas completes 38 vintages this year: a true authority on coffees from our terroir.

What's next?

“Just completed one more calibration for Q GRADER, with this one we go to 7. Years passing, new ideas, breaking some paradigms, always renewing and learning. There are 38 harvests experienced and the passion and addiction for coffee are more alive than ever, bringing the feeling that I can contribute even more. We are following and breaking barriers,” said Valdeci.

We are very proud to work alongside this great taster and coffee expert. May new crops and new coffees come to mine together!


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