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Our coffees bring high quality distinct profiles to cup.


They are embedded with the character of our terroir.

Our Q Grader team selects from partner-estates 3 distinct profiles scoring 83,5 to 85 SCA, crop after crop.

During the intense searching we also discover some exquisite microlots, above 85 SCA.

The main notes you'll find with us: citrus, chocolatery, hazelnut, almonds, walnut, caramel, honey, malt, berries, tropical fruits, stone fruits, dried fruits, floral and spice.

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To enhace the outstanding potential of our region, we help growers and facilities partners to be continuously improving their technology and expertise about the best farming and processing systems techniques.

Several coffee lovers worldwide have been surprised at the quality level and profiles of our coffees since 2012, being awarded in important competitions such as the Australian and USA Golden Bean and selected by some of the best "third wave" cafeterias in 14 countries.

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