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ADRANO - special origin profile

      Lot Code: 

      Adrano AS #33g





       Harvesting date:

      19th of June – 03th of July


      Estate / Grower:

       André Sanches Estate  /  André Sanches



      Volcanic Micro Region of Poços de Caldas - Brazil


      1100m to 1200m



      Mundo Novo and Catuaí


      Harvesting System:



      Dry Process:




    4C / Direct Trade

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About the Estate

Mr. André Sanches arrived in the region in 1968, acquired an abandoned coffee plantation - his then recent passion - and led a colony workers lacking in support and disbelief with the activity to conquer five years later the post of principal coffee grower in Poços de Caldas. 

About ADRANO - Origin profile on specialty coffees

After a successful quality project in 2013 - designed and conceived by Volcano Origin Coffees - there were identified some distinct qualities of specialty green coffees grown specifically in the Volcanic Micro Region of Poços de Caldas, with very typical quality profiles.


The origin profile Adrano is a high quality coffee that is clean, consistent, uniform, very well balanced, with an excellent bright acidity. You can find notes of citrus, chocolatery, nuts, fruits and caramels. Perfect coffee for special blends but also can be used as single origin.


The name Adrano is an homage to the 'God of Fire' in the Greco-Roman mythology, very close to the god Vulcano. The name was used by the time of the ancient greco-roman civilization to nominate a land in the foot of Mountain Etna, rich for the culture of citrus fruit, a very peculiar flavour for this special origin profile. This land becomes a comune, with the official name of Adrano.

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