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Volcano Origin Coffees works with growers that put in practice sustainable principles: Social, Economic and Environmental responsibilities.


Respecting the rigorous Brazilian laws, these select estates have important areas of preserved Atlantic Rainforest - with rich fauna, flora and full of water spring - representing at least 20% of the land. The coffee plantations are cultivated with very low chemical inputs, respecting future generations.


The manual harvesting system ensures both employment and income generation to the community, together with several benefits offered by the growers to the workers like housing, electricity, coffee, milk and social hub in most cases. 

The sustainable approach crowned Poços de Caldas in 2012 as the first “Fair Trade City” among the world’s producing countries and the best city for quality of living throughout the state of Minas Gerais, which is responsible for 50% of all Brazilian coffee production.

To ensure the continuity of this sustainable coffee culture, Volcano pays truly fair prices to its partner-estates for their specialty coffees and push them in a positive way for a consistent production of high quality coffees crop after crop.

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