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VOLCANO selects from partner-estates 3 distinct profiles of specialty green coffees grown specifically in the Volcanic Micro Region of Poços de Caldas - Brazil, scoring 83,5 pts to 85pts SCAA.


Specialty Coffee from Terroir. Natural process. THERA™ stands out grace to an outstanding balance among sweetness, body and acidity and its unique body due to a rare combination of the volcanic minerals found in this terroir. Main notes: chocolatery, nutty, caramels, citric and fruits. 


Specialty Coffee from Terroir. Natural process. DOMOS™ stands out grace to an outstanding sweetness, in perfect harmony with a smooth body and a delicated acidity. Main notes found: fruits, citric, chocolate, caramels, nutty. 


Specialty Coffee from Terroir. Natural process. ADRANO™ stands out grace to a bright citric acidity, due to the unique combination of volcanic soil, high altitude and the rare microclimate found in this terroir. Its exquiste acidity is matched by a round body and a pleasant sweetness. Main notes found: citric, chocolate, caramels, nutty. 


Thera is an homage to the most admired volcano in the ancient Greco-Roman civilization. The remarkable body of this coffee echoes the powerfull volcanic activities of yore, leaving a key impact in the ancient culture, related with several mystical stories including the legendary civilization of Atlantis. Thera is the original name of the actual Santorini, today a volcanic caldera in the Aegean sea.


St. Domingos is an homage to the Poços de Caldas volcano. Saint Domingos was a saint with high relevancy in the catholic culture - very embbeded in Brazilian culture and in particular in this region - being responsible for expanding frontiers by the preaching of the holy rosary. A great structured coffee with a delicate personality that allow us to give to coffee lovers worldwide the divine sweetness of our terroir.


Adrano is an homage to the 'God of Fire' in the Greco-Roman mythology. This name was used by the time of that ancient civilization to nominate a land in the foot of Mountain Etna, rich for the culture of citrus fruit, a very peculiar flavour of this specialty coffee. That land becomes later a comune, carrying with it the name Adrano.

Volcanic Micro Region of Poços de Caldas - Brazil
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