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Estate: Junqueira Estate

Producer: Marcio & Afonso Junqueira

Origin: Volcanic Region of Poços de Caldas, Brazil

Since: 1920s

Altitude: 1000m to 1200m

Harvesting System: Hand Picked


Processing: Dry Natural

Area: 60 hectares of coffee plantation


Coffee Varieties: Mundo Novo, Catuai, Icatu, Bourbon


Social:  50 people depend directly on this estate

Environmental: 38% of preserved Atlantic Rainforest

Clients with Volcano: USA, UK, South Korea, Russia

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Junqueira Estate, from the regionally traditional Junqueira family, started the coffee production activity in the 1920s. Nowadays, Marcio Junqueira and his son Afonso Junqueira manage the production of more than 500 bags of high quality coffees, with the help of 14 families who live in the farm and work with them all year long. Highlight to Mr. Paulo Piva, who works and lives with his family in this farm for more than 50 years. He is still very important to guarantee the high quality of this production, together with the essential help of his son, Marcos Piva.


Junqueira Estate is a rare case among the Brazilian coffee farms because they do not need to ask for outside workers during the harvesting period, for that they count on these 14 loyal families. They also respect the environment: 38% of the estate's area consisting of preserved Atlantic Rainforest.

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