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Estate: Fazenda Santa Izabel

Producer: Luiz Paulo Dal Ava & Gustavo Dal Ava

Origin: Volcanic Region of Poços de Caldas, Brazil

Since: 1970

Altitude: 1050m to 1200m

Harvesting System: Hand Picked


Processing: Dry Natural & Pulped Natural

Area: 33 hectares of coffee plantation


Coffee Varieties: Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuai, Acaia


Social: 100 people depends directly on this estate

Environmental: 16 hectares of preserved Atlantic Rainforest

Coffee Lovers Worldwide: USA, UK, South Korea, Russia, Australia.

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Fazenda Santa Izabel was founded in 1970 when the patriarch of Dal'Ava family - Mr. Pedro Dal'Ava - bought these lands without any coffee trees until then and started the production of some of the finest green coffees around the Volcanic Microregion of Poços de Caldas - Brazil. Today the farm is conducted by his son Luiz Paulo Dal Ava and his grandson Gustavo.

In 2013 the Poços de Caldas Coffee Quality Contest crowned Fazenda Santa Izabel with the 2nd and 3rd places, grace to some very fruity coffees that are found here crop after crop, throught the permanent dedication of this family to the green coffee quality production.


"When my father arrived here there was no culture in these lands. And now we have been recognized by contests and international buyers. We feel very moved and I am sure my father would be very proud of it", said Luiz Paulo.

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