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  • Altitude:

      1000m to 1150m

  • Varieties:

      Mundo Novo, Catuai,

      Acaiá and Catucai

  • Harvesting System:

      Hand picked​

  • Hectares Plantation / Ha Rainforest

  • 32ha / 14ha

  • Dry Process:


  • Origin:

       Poços de Caldas - Brazil

Marcus Vinícius Leite is grandchild of the

legendary Chico Leite, a very important

farmer in Poços de Caldas in the past. 


In 1992 Marcus Vinícius started its own

green coffee production achieving some

fertile lands near his family farms and

expanded his production area by achieving

in 2000 a centennial coffee land part of an 

inheritance from his family.


Nowadays Marcus counts on 8 families

who live in the farm and help him to

produce around 300 bags per crop of

some amazing coffees. 


The nature conditions of Fazenda Providência's and the care of Marcus Vinícius with his coffee plantations guarantee some of the finest coffees in the Volcanic Microregion of Poços de Caldas, mostly with fruity notes. The farm (fazenda) presents some marvelous mountainous landscapes to be enjoyed side by side with the farmer.

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