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Estate: Barra Estate

Producer: José Edivaldo & Family

Origin: Volcanic Region of Poços de Caldas, Brazil

Since: 1966

Altitude: 950m to 1050m

Harvesting System: Hand Picked


Processing: Dry Natural and Pulped Natural

Area: 200 hectares of coffee plantation


Coffee Varieties: Mundo Novo, Catuai, Bourbon


Social: 250 people depend directly on this estate

Environmental: 75 hectares of preserved Atlantic Rainforest

Clients with Volcano: USA, UK, South Korea, Russia


José Edivaldo Gonçalves & family conduct the production of quality coffees at Barra Estate since the 1966. José Edivaldo, then with 15 years old, together with his brothers started to manage the small coffee production after their father José Fernandes Pereira passed away that year. 

Over the years, working together, the brothers gradually increased their farming knowledge and expanded their coffee production up to 1995, when they decided that it would be best for each to manage their own production independently. 

José Edivaldo was left with 55 hectares. Since then, he has been running the farm with the gradual help of his sons, each year with more intensity. They have been contributing, in addition to the workforce, more knowledge in quality and productivity to the estate.


Nowadays, Mr. Edivaldo and his sons Tiago, Felipe and André manage the estate with great competence, being responsible for 200 hectare of high quality coffee production and 75 hectares of preserved Atlantic Rainforest. 

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First steps of cleaning process

with Tiago Gonçalves as protagonist.

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