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ADRANO - special origin profile

VOLCANO offers with exclusivity 3 distinct profiles of specialty green coffees grown specifically in the Volcanic Micro Region of Poços de Caldas - Brazil: ADRANO, St. Domingos and Thera.


ADRANO stands out grace to a bright citric acidity, due to the unique combination of volcanic soil, high altitude and the rare microclimate found in this terroir. Its exquiste acidity is matched by a round body and a pleasant sweetness. ADRANO is perfect for special blends but also desirable as single origin coffee.

Main notes found: citric, chocolate, caramels, nutty. 


The name of this remarkable coffee is an homage to the 'God of Fire' in the Greco-Roman mythology: Adrano.


The name Adrano was used by the time of that ancient civilization to nominate a land in the foot of Mountain Etna, rich for the culture of citrus fruit, a very peculiar flavour of this specialty coffee.


That land becomes later a comune, carrying with it the name Adrano.


Volcanic Micro Region of Poços de Caldas - Brazil
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