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Estate: 3 Irmãos Estate

Producer: Cléber, Glaycon & Gleice Neri Morais

Origin: Volcanic Region of Poços de Caldas, Brazil

Since: 1970

Altitude: 950m to 1100m

Harvesting System: Hand Picked


Processing: Dry Natural and Pulped Natural

Area: 15 hectares of coffee plantation


Coffee Varieties: Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuai


Social: 50 people depend directly on this estate

Environmental: 15% of preserved Atlantic Rainforest

Clients with Volcano: USA, Russia


Neri Moraes family produces high quality in the Volcanic Microregion of Poços de Caldas since 1970. 

With many farming experience acumulated after more than 50 years, Neri Moraes family produces at Três Irmãos Estate - now a day headed by Gleicon Neri Moraes and Cleber Neri Moraes - an average of 700 bags per crop.

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