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In order to guarantee the excellence of services to all those involved in the specialty coffee global market, we develop strategic partnerships with cooperatives and grower associations, logistic and customs partners, reps in international markets and, above all, growers who can offer to us true speciality coffees - (see Direct Trade​). Find below some examples in our specialty coffee chain:

​"We are convinced that our coffees are truly valued through this exclusive partnership with Volcano Origin Coffees"  Mr. André Sanches, Owner of Andre Sanches Estate Coffee.​​​​​​


Volcano Origin Coffees comes to add substantially to the efforts of our new management  in the restructuring and the recognition of CaféPoços in the market of high-quality coffee.” – João Sena, President of Poços de Caldas Regional Coffee Growers Cooperative (CaféPoços).

Cooperative & Facilities:
Coffee Quality Experts / Q Graders

Volcano works with experts on high quality green coffees from the Volcanic Micro Region of Poços de Caldas. They follow an extensive and an intensive quality control to guarantee to our customers the offering of outstanding coffees selected from partner-estates. 


Safe Trace Café is able to simultaneously communicate to costumers the origin, quality, traceability and sanity of our high quality coffees. Company belongs to Safe Trace, official supplier of traceability system for the Carrefour Group in Brazil and has and exclusive project with Volcano Origin Coffees.

Custom agents & shipment control:

ACS Group has more than 25 years of experience in customs clearance, quality assurance, quantity, weight, quality control, shipment tracking and landing in Brazilian ports, logistic support throughout the process of foreign trade. 


With our clients we focus on building long-term partnerships in order to guarantee friendship and business prosperity to all parties involved. ​"Volcano offers continuous access to extraordinary coffees and enable us to build true relationships with producers"-Albartar Specialty Coffee

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