About the Coffee
  • Lot Code: 

      Volcano Pulped MF #10a

  • Crop:


  • Harvesting date:

      05th of June – 22nd of June

  • Estate / Grower:

       Fazenda da Serra  /  Mário Ferrari

  • Origin:

      Volcanic Microregion of Poços de Caldas

About the Estate
  • Altitude:

      1000m to 1250m

  • Variety:

      Catuaí and Mundo Novo

  • Harvesting System:

      Hand Picked

  • Dry Process:

      Pulped Natural

  • Certifications:

      UTZ Certified



Mário Ferrari & family conduct the production of quality coffees at Fazenda da Serra since the 1948, when his grandfather started the production of fine coffees. Today, Mário and his son Alberto manage the estate with great competence, been responsible for 360 hectares of high quality coffee production.


Social Responsibility: Over 150 people depends directly on this Estate

during the harvesting period.

Altitude: 950m to 1250m

Varieties: catuaí, mundo novo, bourbon

Dry Process: natural and pulped natural

Harvest system: hand picked 

bags per year:Production average of 60kgs high quality coffee  2.000

Origin: Volcanic Microregion of Poços de Caldas - Brazil

Faz. da Serra
Faz. da Serra

João Paulo (Volcano), Valdeci (Q Grader) e Mário Ferrari (Fazenda da Serra)

Yellow Catuaí
Yellow Catuaí
Tico-tico na florada
Tico-tico na florada
Terreiro de cima
Terreiro de cima
Mundo Novo
Mundo Novo
Terreiro de baixo
Terreiro de baixo
About this Traceability

Safe Trace Café belongs to Safe Trace group, official supplier of 'traceability method' for foods to Carrefour Group in Brazil. The company makes possible the certification of origin within the standards required by international laws and develops with Volcano Origin Coffees an innovative traceability project for the Brazilian scenario of specialty green coffees.​