• Lot Code: 

      FAZ DO CORREGO -  EP 01

  • Crop:


  • Harvesting date:

      June – July

  • Estate / Grower:

      Faz. Córrego   /   Ernani O. Podestá

  • Origin:

      Volcanic Microregion of Poços de Caldas - Brazil

  • Altitude:

     1000m to 1150m

  • Variety:

      Catuaí and Mundo Novo

  • Harvesting System:

      Hand Picked

  • Dry Process:

      Pulped Natural / Honey



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About the Estate

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Ernani Ornelas Podestá and family conduct the production of quality coffees at Fazenda Córrego since 1990, been responsible for 111 hectare of high quality coffee production and for the preservation of 45 hectares of Atlantic Rainforest. 


Social Responsibility: more than 250 people depends directly on

this Estate during the harvesting period.

Altitude: 950m to 1050m

Varieties: catuaí, mundo novo, bourbon

Dry Process: natural and pulped natural

Harvest system: hand picked 

Production average of 60kgs bags per year: 4,000

Awards: 10 times finalist at Illy Quality Contest

Origin: Volcanic Microregion of Poços de Caldas - Brazil